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Our Work Speaks For Itself

Digital Marketing

Precise targeting and objective based campaigns, coupled with real time reporting, virality loop methodology and cross funnel optimization is your sure shot ticket to fame

We launched a 10 million dollar plus marketplace in middle east with our in-house Big Data & Analytics tools

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We provide mobile app development and mobility consulting services, which are tailor made to be lightening fast and Mobile ready. You see! the world is saying "Mobile First"

We helped India's fastest growing chain of premium budget hotels, increase their number of app installs by 45% and reduce the CPI by 30%

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Data & Analytics

We call ourselves the creative scientists. Numbers turn us “ON” and are our guiding stars! Dashboards, proprietary methodologies and 'Quality Score' is our forte

We enabled an event aggregator giant increase their conversion percentage by 30% with an equal impact on revenue with superior channel and customer analytics.

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Analytics Powered Performance Marketing Solutions - Our Core Forte

Mobile Apps

Our automated and intelligent media buying product Adbytzz for app installs, fuses data science and a self-learning mechanism to ensure best quality installs.

Online Retailers

Lower Your Cost of Acquiring customers and use advanced analytics to resell, cross sell & upsell effectively. Download our four phase comprehensive plan.

Lead Generations

Get better leads at reduced cost and larger. We are specialists in Landing Page Optimization to drive more conversions and observe the factors driving more conversions. See how.

Do you want to skyrocket your online sales or establish a rock solid online presence? Give us a ping and we will help you achieve that !

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Here are few awesome products that we have built


A kick starter to your venture
and campaigns with great analytics underneath !


An awesome tool to help you
launch viral campaigns with easy manageable dashboards


Your very own control room to
manage all your digital marketing
campaigns like a boss !

Social Quiz

Social quiz helps you design quizzes
that are sure to get viral across
different social media platforms


Our flagship product which helps
to create, launch, manage and analyze
your digital marketing campaigns


A great tool, couple with strong
analytics, to leverage personalization
& recommendation for users

Social Magazine

Our proprietary methodology to
innovate content marketing across
social media platforms

FB App Suite

Run Viral Facebook Campaigns
within minutes. Easy to setup, Multi-
lingual and Fully Customizable Apps

We promise 30% better ROI and CPA via precise targeting, objective based campaigns, real time reporting, coupled with virality loop and cross funnel optimization

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Four pillars we bank upon

Quality Index

We are the pioneers in the field of defining one golden KPI that takes cares of all your digital media marketing objectives and accordingly helps you to optimize the performance of your media buying investments.

Automation & Dashboards

Gain actionable insights in the format
that you care. With machine learning,
artifical intelligence and inhouse tools
and products, you can relax and
leave it on auto pilot !

Hypothesize, Test, Validate

At ET Medialabs, we never assume ! Rather, we make hypothesis, do A/B Split testing via personalied landing pages and eventually validate the 'IFs and BUTs' with some serious number crunching.

Mobile First

The products and solutions that we offer are equally ready, responsive and tailor made for the changing paradigm shift to Mobile. We are equipped with mobile analytics tools, App designing capabilities and Mobile First vision

Give us an opportunity to do an audit of your set up on Google Adwords,Facebook Ads and Google Anlaytics. We will let you know the scope of improvement for Free !

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