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Get better results on your online advertisements

We promise you a 30% better ROI on your online advertising efforts, by garnering high quality visitors, using proprietary algorithms and in-house tools.


ROI Driven Digital Media Buying.

Highly Specialized

Highly Specialized

Ensuring the best results by having as clear focus in digital media buying.



In-house tools & proprietor algorithms, provide us with an extra-edge.

Real Time Reporting

Real Time Reporting

Maintaining transparency, we allow our clients to track the progress anytime & anywhere.

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So what are we upto?

We are on a mission to build world's most efficient & analytics driven digital media buying technology. We aim at helping diverse businesses in completely eliminating the need for analytics & technology manpower, for executing digital marketing campaigns, in near future, with the help of our product that we are tirelessly working on. So hold on, wait for Adbytzz (thats what we would like to call it), it is going to be Legen- wait for it- Dary.

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Online Media buying

What we offer

Media Planning & Buying, whether rich media or PPC, is a game right down our alley.

conversion optimization

What we offer

Conversion Optimization is science. Conversion Optimization is an art. Our clients call us Artistic Scientists.

Innovative Campaigns

What we offer

We conceptualize innovative campaigns and build powerful applications to execute them to deliver a visible ROI.

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If you're changing the world, you're working on important things. You're excited to get up in the morning.

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Our team of professionals has a knack of intricacies pertaining to media buying. Having years of experience to their credit, our team holistically meets diverse needs of our clients. Analytically, technologically & numerically competent, our professionals ensure that cost-effective & long-term solutions are delivered to the clients.

Who are we?

ET Medialabs is an IIT & IIM alumni venture.
And we are crazy about Digital Media,
offering flawless digital advertising and analytics solutions.


B.Tech - IIT(BHU)

The Vision behind ET Medialabs

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B.Tech & M.Tech - IIT(BHU)

Driving vision with technology

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Nikhil Sachan

B.Tech. IIT BHU, MBA IIM Kozhikode

Turning vision into reality

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Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait. The grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas.

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Case Study

  • FMCG


    India Gate, a thriving multinational FMCG brand launched their TV commercial over digital media for the very first time

    It wanted to raise the curtains and bring its parent company KRBL into the picture

    Their sole objective was to brand KRBL & empower it to launch more sub-brands under its umbrella


    We strategized a clever media buying plan embracing extended optimization in a restrained budget.

    The essence of the strategy drawn out for India Gate entailed running online & offline marketing strategies simultaneously, across all platforms

    For hitting the fish’s eye, we employed our advanced analytical methodology to capsulate numerical data of viewers exposed to TVC and devised special algorithms to be put in place at the precise time to monitor the target audience response


    A unique user-friendly application to engage the viewers was created

    The media buying strategy was put into action, optimized & accomplished on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook & Google

    The execution time span was seamlessly worked out to ensure that online and offline promotional activities for the TVC ran concurrently, ensuring exhaustive engagement


    We tapped approximately 15 million unique users for their offline marketing campaign

    Scrutinizing the pool of data using our analytical models, we could draft an upshot stating that 62% of the target audience were exposed to India Gate TVC

    They could grab the key message successfully and recognize KRBL as the parent brand

  • healthcare


    We have meticulously carved out marketing solutions for a healthcare institute in NCR

    The defined objective laid by the healthcare institute was to augment footfall and its brand visibility in the major domain


    We offered tailored solutions to the healthcare institute which necessitated starting with strong branding across plethora of social profiles

    Segmented targeting & engaging users was done with the intention to boost their engagement index three times compared to that of competitors

    This established the semantics of their target audience with the brand


    A refined brand presence of the institute was shaped by engaging the targeted local audience with the brand on diverse social media platforms

    Through extensive analysis, we observed that when it comes to health, people are very concerned for their near & dear ones

    Hence, we conceptualized a campaign ‘Gift of Health’ for the people & ran the same transversely across all major social media platforms


    Within a very short span of time, we empowered the healthcare institute in reaching out to a good number of people in its domain & adjoining areas

    ‘Gift of health’ campaign drew a tremendous response from the people and approximately a 20% conversion rate was calculated

  • e-commerce


    Our e-commerce client, founded its business in 2012. Two months later, they found both the velocity & cost of acquisition of leads to be significantly lower than their expectations

    They wished to create online buzz during the preceding six months as a part of their pre-launch campaign


    Our initial long list turned up email marketing, Facebook, Google Search, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest as options

    After evaluating the suitability of each platform, we eliminated many of them since they did not fit into the scheme of things

    We eventually narrowed down our choice to Google Search advertising and Facebook to maintain a focused effort and deliver results within the preset budget


    On both the platforms, we created a separate campaign for each country that was a part of the target group

    Using our specialized tools, we rapidly created a pool of ads with varying creative corresponding to each category of the available products and tested them for relative performance

    We developed a separate landing page for each campaign opting for one-to-one mapping and also experimented with a Facebook App to socialize signups


    We spotted several traffic ‘hot spots’ and ‘blind spots’ on the advertising platforms

    We suitably amped the pace of the campaign up or down in tandem so as to maximize bang for the marketing buck

    After two months of running the digital marketing campaign, we increased the lead flow by 5X and decreased the cost per acquisition by 60%.

  • Education


    One of our esteemed patrons, a reputed educational institute, started a new management degree course for working professionals

    The sole objective of our client was to test the waters & get maximum genuine leads for this newly launched course


    A comprehensive lead generation campaign was strategized for our client

    Leveraging our experience, we picked specific platforms to the run the lead generation campaign

    We educated the target group and their extended families and social circles through an e-book encapsulating everything one needs to know about the course was directly marketed to the core group


    During the course of execution, we traced that high quality leads were captured through LinkedIn but the cost per lead was considerably high

    Since there were budget constraints, we opted for in-house cross-funnel optimization methods, thereby decreasing the cost per lead significantly in the defined time span, all the while increasing the quality of in-bound leads


    We were able to generate approximately 230 leads in less than a month’s time and 75% of these leads when classified and refined were categorized as warm to hot prospects

    In addition to this, the effort put into educating people on the positive aspects of this unique program paid off during the main admission season when queries generated for the course were at par with the leads generated for the flagship program


Here are few of the various clients we’ve worked with so far


We firmly believe that price must be followed by satisfaction! We scale our pricing in line with your budgetary plans. A specialized team is assigned for your account to ensure undivided attention. Most of your advertising budget goes straight into online advertisement publisher’s pockets. We charge a small percentage of your ad budget as a management fee.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

-- Steve Jobs --


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