A Great Tool for Personalization & Recommendation

Customozi is a great tool, couple with strong analytics, when it comes to personalization & recommendation for your users. In short, it helps you to hit the bulls eye again and again.

Transform Your Customer Experience With Personalization

Customozi is the only marketing platform that combines data collection,
personalization and predictive intelligence to optimize customer lifetime value.

Shopping Cart Recovery

See Customer Lifetime Value
skyrocket by 20%

Recommendation Relevancy

Capitalize on 2x - 4x acceleration to first-time purchases

Customer Retention & Revenue

Our clients decrease opt-out
rates by as much as 20%

Accelerate Campaign Creation

Save time with up to a 90%
reduction in campaign set up

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Each user is special. Each user is unique.


Personalize every aspect of your emails, in real-time, for each customer. email them only when they are most likely to open and convert.


Study the data of your online shoppers, see what all the buy, and send them the cookie they are looking for


Leverage data from your mobile apps using our Android and iOS mobile SDKs to build user profiles and retain customers through personalized push notifications and SMS.


Send in personalized recommendations, offers and notifications to your users across social media platforms, wherever they are


Understand each consumer's connection with your brand by combining in-store purchases with your complete email, onsite, mobile and social marketing.


On top of the reporting tools that provide real-time data, our proprietary analytics and business intelligence platform is fully integrated into the Customozi solution.

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