Your very own control room to manage all your digital marketing campaigns

Easyinsights is a path breaking tool for digital marketeers. No other tool provides you the ability to optimize your paid marketing campaigns as smoothly as Easyinsights. It is your very own control room where you can see what is working and what is not! On top of that, it tells you "why"?

With Easyinsghts, quality of the users is the key. With its jazzy dashbaoards and multiple filter options, you would love to play around with the data.

All you need to do is 'play' and your insights would be just a simple click away

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Easy Insights collects your data across all your platforms and showcases them at a single place enabling a user to make informed decisions based on comparative results. It gives in-depth analytics and answers to questions that otherwise seem too abstract to be answered, using strong mathematical correlations and inbuilt algorithms.

Quality Score

We are the pioneers in the field of defining the one performing KPI that takes into account all the digital media marketing objectives and accordingly helps you optimize the performance of your media buying investments.

Our cutting edge technology has enabled us to develop the “QUALITY SCORE” metric using machine learning that will give our clients the edge they require.

Any question you can ask about your data, Easyinsights can answer.

For years, companies have relied on page views as a primary measure of success. Page view counts are popular because they are easy to report, but ultimately cannot tell you how engaged your visitors are. Easyinsights lets you measure the entire funnel.

A simple way to answer complex questions.

Easyinsight funnel lets you graphically see how your entire marketing efforts are drilling down into your end objective. Suppose you are an e-commerce company, with Easyinsights, you can break the user journey into steps such as - total users, unbounced users, cart ads, transactions and unique transactions.

Powerful analytics means getting into the details.

Easyinsight's power lies in giving you the ability to learn more from your data by being able to ask increasingly important and complex questions. Most analytics products limit insights to basic trend lines on a macro level, Easyinsights gives you the functionality of adding filters the way you want and your graphs will refresh accordingly.

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