An awesome tool to help you launch viral campaigns with the power of referrals

Referrally helps you to launch viral campaigns wherein you can incentivise users to spread the word for you.

Be it in forms of coupons, cashbacks or any sort of incentive associated with your upcoming launch, Referraly makes it easier for you to not just launching campaigns, but inviting, incentivizing and gathering invaluable user information.

With our in house techniques for 'Virality Loop Optimization', Referrally helps you in managing viral referral campaigns like no one else

Why Choose Referally


Get detailed customer referral program analytics including invites filtered by referral channels, site visits and sales. Identify most influential referrers and track data to individual customer level. get daily/weekly program updates

Multiple Referral options

Select from multiple customer referral options including facebook share, twitter, email, chat, google+, linkedin, facebook notifications etc. Invite text for each referral option is fully customizable.

Easy Integration

Built for marketers. No code changes required after one time integration. Edit campaigns, launch new campaigns, or set url specific rules to display referral program from admin panel itself.

Export Data

Referally has built in dashboards and you can export the data into easy excels

Excellent support

We provide quick response and support. Our customer service executives are always happy to help

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Referally has a very strong analytics integrated underneath.
Virality clubbed with numbers that can speak, is a deadly combo. Isn't it ?

Big impact, Clearly explained, Can’t lose

Referraly provides you dashboards where you can see the results of your campaigns in a nutshell. It provides you the complete funnel of users who engaged, who signed up for your campaigns, who spread the word about you and the ones who did not care at all! You can also see their social profile and device information with a single click

Track your advocate activity

Every guest has their own story. See exactly what was done to help your brand grow and earn new guests. With this kind of detailed profiling info, you can hit the bulls eye while you do the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. You clearly know which source is working, which campaign is garnering good quality traffic and which locales are working for you

Use campaigns to target specific types of guests

Referraly is easy to use. You can even manage it in-house. Cast a wide net or target a narrow segment of guests with everything from unique share messages to different incentives.

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