Design quizzes that are sure to get viral across different social platforms

Did you know social quizzes have the ability to be 8x times more engaging than photo/video contests? Social quiz helps you design quizzes that are sure to get viral across different social platforms.

The content of the quiz is built such that it sticks to your target crowd and compels them to share and challenge their peers. This is also because social quizzes satisfy the desires and preferences of the users.

And Social Quiz is the ultimate tool for that.Further it helps the business to study its target crowd and develop digital marketing strategy accordingly. The product incorporates the following features-

What makes Social Quiz so awesome??

Quizzes are sticky

Since quizzes are interactive, they are more likely to engage someone through to completion. On Facebook, study has found that 82% of users that click on a news feed post shared by a friend will go on to take that quiz themselves.

Filter precise target audience

Notably, all social quizzes serve to identify an individual according to some category that is purported to be indicative of our true selves. They allow us to lump people into categories and reveal personal preferences – which, on some basic level, is the central organizing factor that powers most marketing efforts.

Data repository

Even if it’s lighthearted, the responses you get can serve as raw material for future campaigns. Take quiz response data, for example you can determine how much target crowd is interested in a particular field and accordingly we can invest in digital marketing

Lead capture

Our social quiz have the option where a lead capture box between the questions of a quiz and the results is present. When each person finishes taking the quiz,a targeted opt-in offer is presented and then the results are shown.

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So, what is the wow factor ?

Customized for target crowd

The quizzes will be designed keeping in mind the objective of it and the target crowd. Social Quiz will cater to your aim and the target crowd and accordingly come up with the possible genre of the quiz that will most appeal to them. Let say you want users who are interested in budget travels outside India, we will designs questions around it, to give you the best quality leads


To ensure virality and exponential growth in leads, the quiz will be so designed that it has various levels with increasing difficulty to keep it intellectually challenging. It will be further incorporated with ranks in various geographical areas and ability to challenge friends on various social platforms and showoff achievements, titles and scores.

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