7 Critical Business Mistakes that eCommerce Startups Must Avoid

eCommerce has been around for a while now, and on a frequent basis more and more players are entering this market, and most are failing at it despite of the experience and expertise founders bring which they think is sufficient to crack this model. Although the reasons for failure of such startups vary, here are 7 common critical mistakes that they make and should avoid.

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For dummies: comprehensive guide to set up Google Analytics

"In God we trust; all others must bring data" - W. Edwards Deming

For any online venture, data is precious. It can give you insights which can turn fortunes for your business and break a lot of myths for you. Companies keep on wasting money on marketing, shuffling between agencies, hiring and firing them when they don't deliver results. They neglect the fact that a simple answer might have been residing in the data.

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ET Medialabs Announced the Launch of their Media Buying & Analytics Product Adbytzz

ET Medialabs has officially announced the launch of their media buying and analytics product, Adbytzz. Adbytzz has been developed with a vision to help advertisers get better returns on their media spend, with lesser resources.

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Choosing the right digital marketing agency

The importance of digital marketing for any upcoming business or a business recently stepping into the online ecosystem has been well established. But what needs to be emphasized here is the vital role a digital marketing agency plays in the business. It is obvious that no two agencies will provide the exact same services or will display their expertise in the exact same field of marketing. And the difference here is crucial to the success or failure of the partnership.

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How e-commerce startups can use Facebook Audience Insights to gain more customers

Facebook is giving more power to marketing teams globally. In a series of updates & new tools for its ads platform, the Facebook Ad-Xchange, it has introduced a powerful feature called Audience Insights.

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Two IIT (BHU) alumni make digital media buying & analytics simpler and effortless

Raghav Kansal was in the third year of his college (IIT-BHU) when he started his first venture with a couple of friends which was supposed to be an online portal for engineering students and aspirants. It was not a very smooth ride for the team, and the business was not picking up despite a decent traction on the website.

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