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Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, it takes everything from stakeholder analysis to technical expertise to ensure that your online assets are found!

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Our Execution Strategy

Search Demand Analysis (Keyword Research)

Demand analysis is a study we conduct to analyze the existence of a substantial search demand for your products/services. Given the other details like the number of competitors, size of competitors in a Geo-location etc it helps to decide the capability of your website to generate enough relevant traffic.

Search Demand Analysis

Usability Improvements

User experience is increasingly becoming more & more important for SEO. We focus on improving user engagement (bounce rate, comments, reviews, ratings, social sharing), device (mobile vs desktop) compatibility, speed, system security etc for the website.

Building Holistic Digital Landscape

Digital presence of a business goes beyond an effective website. We help you to put requires focus on search friendliness of Local business directories, Social Profiles, You Tube Videos, Slideshare PPTs, Images & other digital assets.

Building Holistic Digital Landscape
Search Engine Optimization

In-system Technical Improvements

Technical SEO focus on improving search crawlability optimization, search engine index optimization, resolving in-system errors (4XXs, 5XXs etc), effective internal linking, information architecture optimization.

Content Marketing

Content Strategy for SEO emphasizes on efficient addressal of user search demand. We help you build content on topics people are looking for. It also focuses on building link worthy content creation.

data and insights
Social Advertising and PR Brand Outreach

Digital PR, Brand Outreach & Link Building

Strength of a brand (domain) is the most critical ranking factor. Even though search engines have evolved considerably in the assessment of the strength of a domain name, the contextually relevant links earned from trusted websites still form the core of it.

Case Studies

UrbanClap – India’s Largest Marketplace for Local Services

10x increase in the online revenue generated over a period of three years.

Edureka – India’s Leading Live Instructor-Led Courses Portal

Built custom attribution model to increase online revenue by 240% in 3 months

Goodearth – Stylish Sustainable Luxury Retail

10x increase in the online revenue generated over a period of three years.

ZO Rooms

The hotel aggregator used “Adbytzz”- ET Medialabs’ flagship tool to drive both App Installs and increase Bookings via the App

Don’t Take Our Word for It

niit testimonial

“With them, ET Media Labs we’ve learned a lot about how people use our site and what stops them from trying our product.”

urbanclap testimonial

“If you’re serious about getting the best results, then they are the number-one choice undoubtedly.”

edureka testimonial

Using ET Media Labs’ their tools and technologies we were able to scale up the performance of our paid channels by 240%, in a cost-effective manner.

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We help businesses worldwide, so get in touch!

We help businesses worldwide, so get in touch!



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