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Conversion rate optimization

We can assist you in reducing your Cart Abandonment Rate, Checkout Fallout Rate, and improving your cart to checkout %

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a continuous process of running simultaneous experiments between two or more page elements to evaluate which performs or converts the best.

Multivariate Testing

Multi-variable or multivariate testing allows you to test many changes simultaneously - five, ten, or even twenty.

Landing Page Optimization

Improve experience by keeping the bounce rate under control, improving the depth of visit, increasing time spent on the website, and improving conversion

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a continuous process of improving the key sections, pages and conversion flow(s) on the website. This facilitates an engaging user experience and drives them closer to the conversion path by eliminating those steps in the visitor journey that deviate or distract them from their end objective.

A/B Testing

we follow a standard A/B Testing Methodology, which is based on a continuous improvement philosophy, and start with identifying the test goals, audience research and segmentation, and audit of site taxonomy and information architecture. The key steps in our A/B testing process include:

Multivariate Testing

We have the right expertise to conduct multivariate tests and help you optimize your pages to get maximum results. The team of specialists at ET Medialabs is well-versed with this technique and uses the latest tools like Google Site Optimizer and Omniture Test & Target to conduct accurate tests.

Landing Page Optimization

Before you initiate the optimization of your landing page(s), it is very important to understand the objective of the page and how well it synchronizes with the objective of the online visitors landing via different marketing channels. At ET Medialabs, we perform landing page optimization exercise for both lead generation and ecommerce businesses. We assist our clients in clearly defining objectives, re-instating value proposition, restructuring the content and call-to-action on the pages, and running split and multivariate tests on the pages.

With complete focus on digital analytics we help you
optimize your investments and increase online revenue by 40%.

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