Performance Enhancement Audit

Find out if your digital marketing strategy is up to date

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Our Audits

Website Audit

Improve your website structure, brand image and optimize it across devices

SEO Audit

Figure out if your customers are able to find you online and improve your page rank

GA Audit

Find out what all you should track and set up each and every single KPI on GA

FB Ads Audit

With our inhouse tools, we let you know the scope of ROI improvement

Google Ads Audit

We will scan your Account and Campaign structures and test it for best practices

Retargeting Structure Audit

We will help you to retarget your best audience in tailor made ways

Give us an opportunity to do an audit of your set up on Google Adwords,Facebook Ads and Google Anlaytics. We will let you know the scope of improvement for Free !

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The benefits that you will achieve

Increase the quality of traffic to your
website with our SEO audit

Generate more leads from your site’s visitors
with Adwords and Analytics Audit

Improve brand awareness around company’s
expertise with Website Audit

Know what all you need to know with
our Analytics Audit ! And set it up !

Find out the scope of improvement in
your ROI from Google and Facebook Ads

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We have helped the following clients with our
Audit and 'God Like' campaign management skills

Helped Zo Rooms to achieve 55% improvement in number of mobile app installs with 30% reduction in their cost per install

Helped one of India's biggest event based company in improving event bookings by auditing and seting up their analytics engines

Our digital marketing audit analyzes your performance across
a variety of channels, assessing the following key areas:


How effective is your organization’s
organic and paid exposure across
digital channels?


Are you digital channels well
designed, properly structured, and
functioning correctly?


What information you are creating,
publishing, and sharing across different
digital channels?


Do you have a process in place to
“activate” visitors and get them to complete
calls to action?


Have you defined digital marketing
objectives and key metrics? How do
you measure performance?


Are all of your online and offline
marketing touch points connected?

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