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We use superior analytics combined with proprietary algorithms and high end in-house tools to power our foolproof lead generation solution

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Our State Of The Art, In-house Tools

We leverage machine learning to its maximum potential through our gamut of in-house as well as 3rd party tools that enables the right workflow process ensuring that our clients are profitable


Helps building, optimising and
personalising high converting
pages faster


Creates & uploads personas of most engaged traffic in terms of Display audiences and Keyword clusters

Social Quiz

Helps setting up high converting
quizzes to engage your visitors
and capture leads


Your Very Own Control
Room To Manage All Your
Lead Marketing Campaigns


A tool to help you add virality to your campaigns leading to decrease in CPL

Rocket Forms

Builds interactive and conversational lead forms which performs

A/B Tester

Runs simultaneous experiments between ad elements to evaluate which converts the best

Check out how we reduced the CPL by 47% while marketing India’s leading education product

Ad Channels To Leverage

Social Ads

Advertise your Brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin

Search Ads

Advertise via Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Ads to boost your traffic and sales

Display Ads

Get relevant visitors to your website through Google Display Ads

Retargeting Ads

Bring back 97% of your visitors and obtain high conversion rates

Video Ads

Advertise on You Tube to stay ahead of your competitors

Mobile Ads

Reach out to a wider audience with varied interests and demographics

Our areas of expertise


Advertise to an extensive network
of education relating personas that
help our educationists connect to
students and clients


We understand consumer trends in the financial industry which enables us to target relevant prospects and turn them into customers

Real Estate

With the marketing environment getting complex, it can be confusing for a Realtor to know where and how to generate leads that convert. Luckily, we’re here to help


Whether you’re just beginning your digital marketing journey, running an in-house inbound lead-gen function, or simply want more leads to feed your sales team - We can help

Are you seeing your leads go up and down every month? Use our advanced API based reporting to maintain your lead rate

Our Execution Strategy

Landing Page Development, Optimization, Personalization

Conversion is all about landing pages catching maximum number of eye-balls. There is no way to define a perfect page content without user-behaviour data. To identify the right combination of phrases on any page, we test various permutations and combinations.

1. We personalize the content of a landing page per the ad copy from where a user has come.
2. Monitor their behavioural response and optimize the page content accordingly.
3. Prioritize and then, scale the ad campaign(s).

We will use Launchpad – our website personalization tool to scale it.

Ad Unit Designing and Personalization

We will basically come up with 2-3 lines of thoughts. Each line of thought is a different way to communicate one of the Key selling points of our offerings:

For each of these lines of thought, we will build 2-3 variations of the creative. And then we map these creatives to the relevant audience personas and personalize them for better conversions. The performance of the creative is then closely observed and accordingly the budgets are dynamically distributed across them, so that we extract optimal ad performance.

As learning is built going forward, we will keep coming with new ideas and creatives to avoid Ad fatigue and keep the ads running at optimal efficiency.

Intelligent Keyword and Audience Research

For Google Search, an exhaustive list will be formulated after carefully collating data and consequently drawing patterns from search trends and search volumes. The clustering would be done such that the keywords closely matching to each other are grouped together in one cluster.

For Facebook and Display, we deploy a special grid modelling methodology to map the right audience with right creatives. This helps us create a huge number of audience segments based on soft and hard parameters.

Analytics Driven Ad management

An Ad Unit comprises of creatives and ad copies. The ad units & their mapping is uploaded across the right audiences and made live only after doing a Quality Check on every parameter.

Campaigns have different performance parameters on which the decision is taken. Scaling up & scaling down the campaigns is based on their performance. Higher the scale, more frequently it needs to be monitored & optimised. We would use automation rules to monitor real-time as necessary to avoid wastage.

Insightful API based Reporting

We build custom reporting for you.

Easyinsights, our analytics tool, collects your data across all your platforms and showcases them at a single place enabling a user to make informed decisions based on comparative results. It gives in-depth analytics and answers to questions that otherwise seem too abstract to be answered, using strong mathematical correlations and inbuilt algorithms.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring is a artificial intelligence powered methodology used to determine the worthiness of leads, or potential customers, by attaching values to them based on their behavior relating to their interest in your products or services through sales - marketing feedback loop mechanism

Try our highly scientific, numbers-driven, laser-targeted approach to drive relevant traffic aimed at maximising quality of leads through Search and Social Advertising

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