Online Paid Advertising

Why wait on an conventional agency for results when you can come straight to the industry's true experts? Our Man -cum- Machine approach can not only manage your account, but also analyze & improve your Ads performance significantly through Machine-learned Ad automation and ensure success on every digital advertising channel.


Scaling up online sales and simultaneously increasing returns on digital spends can prove to be the biggest challenge for a growing e-commerce enterprise.

Lower Your Cost of Acquiring customers and use advanced analytics to resell, cross sell & upsell effectively.

Mobile Apps

Run multiple campaigns across several Ad networks and generate thousands of downloads at the lowest price, with maximum engagement.

Our automated and intelligent media buying tool Adbytzz for app installs, fuses data science and a self-learning mechanism to ensure best quality installs.

Leads Generation

Gets better leads at reduced cost. We are specialists in Landing Page Optimization to drive more conversions and observe the factors driving more conversions.

Interact with your customers about the product or service they’ve shown interest in and personalise your messages accordingly.

Ad Formats

Social Ads

Advertise your Brand on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin

Search Ads

Advertise via Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Ads to boost your traffic and sales

Display Ads

Get relevant visitors to your website through Google Display Ads

Retargeting Ads

Bring back 97% of your visitors and obtain high conversion rates

Video Ads

Advertise on You Tube to stay ahead of your competitors

Mobile Ads

Reach out to a wider audience with varied interests and demographics

This is What We Do Differently Unlike Anyone Else !

Precise targeting and objective based campaigns, coupled with real time reporting, virality loop methodology and cross funnel optimization is your sure shot ticket to fame. We promise you a 30% better ROI on your online advertising spend, using our Superior Analytics combined with Proprietary Algorithms and in-house tools.

Precise targeting

We target based on intent, interest, demographics, geography, category wise, contextual, work profile, designation & remarketing

Personalized landing pages

We map the landing page with the intent of the user. This one on one mapping technology helps in achieving significantly higher conversion rates

Objective based campaigns

Campaign ideas are generated working backwards from objectives. Leading to high converting and easy to rectify campaigns

Cross funnel optimization

We compare the performances across various funnels and then split the media buying such that we get the lowest CPA

Virality loop

We increase the virality loop coefficient by maximizing the conversion through various referral programs that we embed in our applications

Real Time Reporting

Maintaining transparency, we allow our clients to track the progress anytime & anywhere. You can choose your Menu, we will serve it on your plate

Whether you want to drive home a perception or dominate the path-to-purchase, there isnt anything quite as effective as digital advertising, if done correctly. With our technological know how and creative prowess we ensure that you reach your audiences effectively.

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Personalized Ads Based on Grid Modeling

To start with, we break the audience into mutuallly exclusive, collectively exhaustive grids. Each grid combined with an interest represents a persona type.

Then we map the persona grids with various creatives to generate an exhaustive experiment list of various permutations and combinations.

  • Gender:    Male
  • Age:          18 to 34
  • Location:  Delhi NCR
  • Interest:   Mobile Phones

    Testing Various Hypothesis On Dynamic Product Ads

    Persona: Mobile Phone Lovers

    Once we define the persona grids, we build dynamic product ads for each of the products that a persona might be interested in.

    Each ad tests a hypothesis and we validate what is working, and what not, based on the numbers that we record in our analytics tools and dashboards.



    Dynamic Ad Optimization Based On
    Quality Index : Our Proprietary Methodology

    We are the pioneers in the field of defining the one performing KPI that takes into account all the digital media marketing objectives and accordingly helps you optimize the performance of your media buying investments.

    Our cutting edge technology has enabled us to develop the QUALITY INDEX metric using machine learning that will give our clients the edge they require.

    Give us an opportunity to do an audit of your set up on Google Adwords,Facebook Ads and Google Anlaytics. We will let you know the scope of improvement for Free !

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