Data is precious ! But only for those who can make sense out of it

As technology transforms our lives and a new generation of digital consumers emerge, companies must fight to stay relevant. With our in house tools and proprietor algorithms, we draw actionable insights from digital data to help marketers take data driven decisions that boost the effectiveness and success of their digital properties.

Four pillars we bank upon

Quality Index

We are the pioneers in the field of defining one golden KPI that takes cares of all your digital media marketing objectives and accordingly helps you to optimize the performance of your media buying investments.

Automation & Dashboards

Gain actionable insights in the format
that you care. With machine learning,
artifical intelligence and inhouse tools
and products, you can relax and
leave it on auto pilot !

Hypothesize, Test, Validate

At ET Medialabs, we never assume ! Rather, we make hypothesis, do A/B Split testing via personalied landing pages and eventually validate the 'IFs and BUTs' with some serious number crunching.

Mobile First

The products and solutions that we offer are equally ready, responsive and tailor made for the changing paradigm shift to Mobile. We are equipped with mobile analytics tools, App designing capabilities and Mobile First vision

We help you connect data and insights with business decisions

Channel Analytics

Customers and visitors interact with brands across multiple access points whose data sets don’t speak fluently to each other. Our unique blend of business and technical acumen enables us to create a scalable framework that provides enriched data sets across all customer touchpoints.

Testing And Optimization

It is imperative to look at each page with a critical eye, identify areas that can make a difference, create a hypothesis and conduct tests to shortlist the best performing options.

We discover and deliver the best experience for each customer across desktop, mobile web, and mobile apps. We carefully observe and optimize the factors driving more conversions thereby augmenting engagement and conversions from your key landing pages and generating better marketing ROI.

Analytics Implementation

Digital analytics goes way beyond measuring website traffic. It is no longer only a tool to measure online traffic , but is an essential mean for businesses to evaluate as well as improve the efficiency of their digital presence.

At ET Medialabs we help you overcome the data overload through a variety of digital analytics support services.

By converting large mass of data into easily consumable reports and insightful analyses, we enable you to take better data-driven decisions.

KPIs And Custom Dashboards

Today, companies process and store more data than ever before. A typical digital analytics tool can give users over a hundred standard reports, with the option of creating many more custom reports. Analysts are often not sure about which report contains the specific metric that they are looking for.

We solve this problem by carefully and concisely defining KPIs and our custom dashboards that facilitate greater clarity across the organization about what is to be measured and reported.

Customer Analytics

As online market becomes increasingly competitive, customers switch loyalties with the click of a button. Every decision now has to come with some level of calculated confidence, historical traits, and science of statistics.

ET Medialabs, with its expertise, qualified industry veterans, and over 5 of experience in customer analytics has hand-held many companies to rise above their competitors.

With complete focus on digital analytics we help you
optimize your investments and increase online revenue by 40%.

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