We envision strategy for your overall digital success

Your overall digital success is our single point of agenda. We are as good a listener, as an executioner.
We help you vision a holistic strategy for your digital success by following offerings

What Makes Us Different


Having worked with more than 50 happy clients we have gathered a vast experience of digital transformation. We are no genius, we have learned it hard way

Holistic Approach

We, cater the entire length and breadth of the digital ecosystem and we make sure that you are served by the best in the alley. We help you see the big picture. Whatever it takes for your digital success, we vouch for it

Industry Specific

Our approach is industry and sector specific. Be it education or e-commerce or any other industry, we have a specific game plan. We know what works in a given situation

Proprietary Frameworks

We have devised our own frameworks for digital strategy transformation. We are good listeners, we assess thoroughly, have a keen eye for observation and we are crazy for numbers and perfection

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The Services That We Offer

Digital Visioning

Businesses are not just going 'online' they are going 'truly digital'. When it comes to visioning a digital strategy, you can count on us. Having worked on digital strategy for more than 50 clients, we bring in the the expertise of digital consulting across channels, platforms and systems. We help you to figure out how your organization can leverage new technologies and what new opportunities can be created by going digital

Digital Effectiveness Diagnostic

As a partner, our job is to assess and tell you if you are 'digital ready' or not. We provide you the roadmap for your digital journey on the following - do you have the right set of capabilities for going digital? are your employees equipped with the right skills for the digital transformation? Are you IT ready for going digital ? Is it effective in terms of cost and ROI to go digital ?

Digital Business Model Services

With Digital Business Model Services, ET Medialabs helps clients in figuring out the entire business model for your digital offerings. We assess the following - what should be your ideal market? who should you target and how should you target ? How can you position your digital offering differently ? What should be the pricing and promotion strategy. Holistic approach and evaluation of all stakeholders ensures that your business model is sustainable and infallible

Digital Organization Services

Any digital strategy is incomplete if your organization is 'internally' not aligned with your digital strategy. With our Digital Organization Services we make sure that this alignment happens. Adopting a “Digital First” mindset - we help you to put digital at the heart of the business and ensure that you can redefine your relationship with both your employees and customers.

Digital Incubation Services

With our incubation services we help you to recognize the right ecosystem partners who can help you to drive revenue growth, cost reduction and improve the breadth of your digital offerings. While there is no shortage of innovative start-ups that companies can consider, the challenge is finding the ones that fit with your company’s processes, systems and culture. With successfully filtering and valuation we help you to save cost, time and resources

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