Integrate Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager the right way

Google Analytics Audit

We will study your Google Analytics setup and do an in-depth audit to make sure that the data is 100% accurate and you are recording everything that needs to be recorded in a proper and precise manner

Analytics Setup

In case you are still struggling with how to setup Google Analytics, leave it to us. The experts. We will hand you over a smooth, neat and easy to access Google Analytics dashboard

Analytics Training

Data is precious ! But only for those who can make sense out of it, for others it is nothing but Gibberish. With our trainings, you will learn to catch insights from data, like a cunning frog that catches insects with the curl of its tongue in no time !

GTM Implementation

To implement Google Tag Manager (GTM) there are two things that are needed to be done: 'Understanding the concept of data layers' and 'Migrating tags to Google Tag Manager

360 Degree Analytics

With our in-house tools and proprietary algorithms we add on to your analytics related requirements like no one else does. Be it qualitative or quantitative, we are always there to help you

Reporting and Dashboards

We will set up dashboard for you so that you don't have to daily dig deep and mess up with data. You will have a single tidy view of all your numbers

We help you track each and every minute detail which is noteworthy

Goals and Ecommerce

  • Track form submissions
  • Track purchases
  • Specify Goal Value
  • Configure Funnels

Events, Virtual Pageviews, and Social Actions

  • Recording on-page user actions in addition to pageviews
  • Recording social actions
  • Distinguishing between types of social actions
  • Using callback for tracking like content social actions
  • Consistent naming

Content Grouping, Custom Dimensions, and Custom Channel Groupings

  • Content Groups
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Custom Channel Grouping for Multi-Channel Funnels Reports
  • Configure Funnels

Views, View Settings, and View Filters

  • Three views for each property For each property that we’re tracking, we create a minimum of three views:
    1. Raw/unfiltered
    2. Test
    3. Working
  • Exclude internal traffic
  • Exclude traffic to development servers
  • Default page
  • Consolidating query parameters

Campaign Tracking

  • Using campaign tags for clearer attribution
  • Campaign Tag Format
  • Consistent naming
  • Auto tagging

We also offer Google Analytics Premium services

Un-sampled reports

Get accurate and un-sampled data

Client owned data

Control and ownership of all brand
data remains with the you

Data Driven Attribution

Create up to 30% Media Efficiencies
with Noble Prize winning science

Customizable Dimensions & Metrics

Get 200 custom dimensions
and metrics .

Data Freshness

Get fresh data within
15 minutes (4Hr SLA).

GTM Implementation

There are 3 environment (stages) of tag deployment via GTM for the tag deployment to be seamless


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