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4 TIPS to make your Facebook Ads Stand out!

November 29, 2018 Blog, Facebook

The time people are spending on Facebook is decreasing. You must have noticed that you are not spending as much

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9 ways to make Facebook and Google work better together

November 20, 2018 Blog, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Google

Ever wondered how amazing it would be if the two biggest giants – Facebook & Google worked together to boost

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Under-utilized yet powerful AdWords features

November 15, 2018 Blog, Google

The AdWords cosmos is quite dynamic. Many things phase in and out of existence, some are elevated while the others

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Getting max juice out of Google Responsive Ads

November 11, 2018 Blog, Google

Responsive Display Ads are Google’s new default ad format for Google’s Display Network  powered by Google’s machine learning technology to test

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Making best use of Google Ad Scripts

November 03, 2018 Blog, Digital Analytics, Google

“The early bird gets the first worm, but the wisest bird gets the fastest one.” Scripts are like an extra

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A new revolution – Google’s Responsive Search Ads

October 21, 2018 Blog, Google

Sticking to its legendary heritage Google again outdid everyone on the market at their Google Marketing Live event this year.

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ET Medialabs Facebook Hygiene

5 Quick FB Ads Analyses that can save you tonnes of Money in Ad wastage!

October 16, 2018 Blog, Digital Analytics, Facebook

Facebook has provided plethora of targeting options which help advertisers reach the closest audience to their actual TG. Advertisers use

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All About the learning process of Facebook and Google Ads

October 06, 2018 Blog, Facebook, Google

Did you ever encounter Google or Facebook saying it’s “Learning” whenever you have created/modified a campaign/Adset/Ad in your Google or

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9 Tips to step up your Fb Re-targeting Game

September 24, 2018 Blog, Digital Marketing, Facebook

Re-targeting works by following your customers around the web with related offers. A user shows greater interest in the product

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Hire the Right Digital Agency - Ultimate Cheat-Sheet on how to hire the right Digital Agency for your brand

Ultimate Cheatsheet For Hiring RIGHT Performance Marketing Agency

September 07, 2018 Blog, Digital Analytics, Digital Marketing

Organizations which have resorted to outsourcing their digital marketing efforts have a lot to consider before going all out for

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