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Google introduces local marketing innovations for advertisers2 min read

July 07, 2020

According to Internal Google data, U.S., “near me” searches on mobile have grown 3x in the past two years. Also, According to a data collected 2 years back, 3 out of 4 people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a related business within 24 hours. This evidently proves how consumers trust their smartphones to research and explore the market around them. It’s important for marketers to focus on the impact of their business when their local information comes to surface during searches.

During Google Marketing Live on July 10th, 2018, Local campaigns were announced. These campaigns optimize ads across Google properties and networks to drive more store visits using simple inputs like business locations, budget and ad creatives. This type of campaign is dedicated for marketers with offline goals focussing on attracting visitors to their local store.
Here’s how advertisers can make use of this new campaign.

Easily activate local ads by linking Business account
The first step before creating local ad formats using local extensions would be to link your Google My Business account to your Google Ads account. This would allow access to your business listings, such as your address, business hours, phone number and more.
Google is in process of introducing a tool that would automatically surface relevant accounts using matching signals like geographic coverage and website domain, to simplify the process of finding the right Google My Business account. After choosing the Business account with the most verified locations or the one with locations that best match business and campaign objectives, location extensions can be added to Search, Display and YouTube ads after the owner of the account approves.



Introducing store visits measurement in Google Analytics
It’s critical to understand the impact in order to make more informed decisions about your budgets, creatives, bid strategies and more. About 3 years ago, Google launched store visits in Google Ads to help advertisers understand how their campaigns influence in-store traffic.
Store visits in Google Ads focuses on connecting Google ad impressions and clicks to visits. To measure offline results of marketing efforts that bring customers to online website and then to the physical store, Google introduced Store Visits in Google Analytics.

Store visits in Google Ads and Google Analytics are estimates based on data from users that have turned on Location History. Advertisers aren’t able to see any store visits from individual website visits, ad clicks, viewable impressions, or people. Only aggregated and anonymized data is reported to them. Google uses industry best practices to ensure the privacy of individual users.

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