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How an Ed tech brand used Youtube-for-Action to crack performance at scale to acquire customers in USA.4 min read

March 02, 2023

Have you ever heard of the high intent search inventory delivering poorer than “Branding first” YouTube inventory? 


While scaling the lead campaigns for an “Indian Music Classes” brand in USA targeted towards Indians, we faced the following 2 challenges:

  1. Small TG size and limited search volume on high intent keywords from Indian Community (e.g. “Music Classes for Indians”) Approx. 2.7M Indians in USA out of which people searching with high intent keywords were extremely limited
  2. While capitalizing on other high intent keywords (e.g. “Music classes online”), though the volume was high, however there was no way to identify if it was coming from Indian Community or not.

Which meant that search was not scalable and whenever scaled, there was a high % of disqualified leads

Campaign type Month Cost CAC*
Search September 2022 ₹13,265 475
Search October 2022 ₹74,816 1338


  1. Indian behavior to be targeted than intent. So, Identify keywords recognising the persona of an Indian to be identified and targeted. Thus, increase the size of the TG.
    Indians living abroad still search for Indian things despite being in the USA: Temples, pickles, food, doctors, bollywood fans, South Indian cuisine, bollywood movie stars etc.
  2. Utilize YouTube VAC (Video Action Campaigns) with “Custom Intent” audience built using keywords identifying “Indian Persona”.


Though VAC campaigns took a couple of months’ time to optimise however, once optimsied, they delivered 11x scale of search at less than 1/3rd of Search campaigns CAC.

Campaign type Month Cost CAC*
Search September 2022 ₹13,265 475
Search October 2022 ₹74,816 1338
Search November 2022 ₹13,321 330
Search December 2022 ₹26,980 378
Overall Search ₹128,382 ₹656
VAC September 2022 ₹108,938 344
VAC October 2022 ₹93,198 297
VAC November 2022 ₹151,250 100
VAC December 2022 ₹110,016 127
Overall Video ₹463,402 ₹154

*Note: CAC data is masked here for taking 100 as the base of VAC campaigns in Nov 2022.

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