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Making best use of Google Ad Scripts3 min read

November 03, 2018

“The early bird gets the first worm, but the wisest bird gets the fastest one.”

Scripts are like an extra pair of hands. They save us from the torture of bird-watching the campaigns, draining through excel sheets, analyzing data to tabulate it, starting, pausing, filtering, resuming, removing or altering Ad campaigns. Scripts are basically codes that help us automate certain Google advertising processes and run more profitable campaigns while spending less time on Repetitive/tedious tasks.

The advantages are many, yet advertisers simply overlook this marvelous tool that has the potential to multiply their productivity and gains by many folds. To some, it may appear as scary lines of computer codes sending out a clear message of “Staying away from them”. But it’s not necessary to build one from scratch, there are tons of scripts available online for free.

How scripts can boost your Ad campaign:-

  1.    Reduce the chances of error

It’s inevitable to commit mistakes but it’s evitable to correct them. With the advancement of technology, we can let Google Ads scripts do that for us. With scripts, we can reduce chances of sending traffic to broken links, receive an alert if someone on our team mistakenly paused whole account,adjust budgets if CPT/CPL increases/decreases too much, automatically pause our campaigns if our monthly budget runs out, and even receive a mail if billing issues occur.

  1.    Escape the irksome tasks

Writing Ad-copies is a tedious task in which you have to explain maximum possible about offering in set character limits which requires a lot of creativity. But the work doesn’t end here, it actually begins. Removing low performing ads , updating special offers, and checking for broken landing pages. All these tasks are perfect for automation with scripts.

So why to work like a machine when you can make a machine work for you. Save yourself from the pain of hunching bid modifiers, adding negative keywords, and keeping account budgets under control, by using Google Ads scripts.

  1.    Strategize more, analyze smarter

To make decisions, we need to have access to data. That means cleaning, reporting, and analyzing all that data, right? It does takes a lot of time. For this work, Google Ads offers certain scripts which analyze the data, tabulate it and present in readable and simpler graphical forms with compact conclusions. Though the conclusions would not be that deep but would definitely be directionally correct.

  1.    Shine your account brighter

With a business mindset, perfection is a demand. Whenever we spot a keyword that’s cheap and has a higher conversion rate, we would immediately increase our bid. When we spot a keyword that’s expensive and not converting well, we’ll get rid of it so that we don’t waste our ad budget. However, it is not feasible to sit and stare at the screen forever for it.

Using scripts, we can automatically increase bids on cheap high conversion keywords, stop ads from showing for irrelevant search terms, discover bad performing keywords. and the list goes on and on. These are all manageable only with the help of scripts.

  1.    Work while you sleep

Results are all about productivity. In the middle of the night of avalanches, websites crashing down, products running out of stock, it’s cruel to step out of bed and get work in a night suit.

Don’t worry anymore as Google Ads scripts have the perfect scripts which automatically disable ads, and group campaigns and be your night savior.

  1.    Keep the status check

Isn’t it obnoxious to advertise for products we don’t even sell anymore? With the passage of time, products run out of stocks. A whole new series of products to campaign forms too. This requires us to replace the stale ads with the fresh ones to keep blossoming in the market!

Google Ads scripts offer various scripts which do the same for you. Also, it identifies the underperforming ads and pauses them for a while after analyzing the market trends. After all, an account status check is the demand of the era!

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