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Search Engine Marketing

Our Man -cum- Machine approach can not only manage your account, but also analyze & improve your Ads performance significantly by focusing on sales conversions and not just clicks through Machine-learned Ad automation

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Leveraging Keyword Intent

By leveraging keyword intent for intent-driven marketing, we can attract qualified prospects, generating leads with intent and driving conversions. We are highly numbers-driven and the same is reflected well in the following approach below classifying our search advertising into two funnels

High Intent Keyword

High intent keywords have high commercial intent but limited traffic potential. These keywords signify a strong intent on the part of the searcher to conduct a transaction inquiring about a product, service or company. Users from these keywords might also have a strong possibility of leading to a later conversion. Therefore, we ask them to fill a quick form for lead generation followed by two action paths-

   Time-bound Retargeting Ads for soft reminders that will bring them back driving conversions

   Offline conversions via tracked calls that will go hand in hand through sales efforts.

The route is:

Direct Ads -> Landing page -> Leads -> Sales Team Call -> Acquisitions

Keyword Intent-01
Keyword Intent-02

Low Intent Keyword

Low intent keywords are either navigational or informational in nature. Someone looking for information/basic tips or searching for a specific website like SBI’s offerings is unlikely to commit to a purchase for Zippi as a result of these types of searches, meaning their commercial intent is considerably lower.

   They have high traffic potential since the bucket is broad.

We optimize such kind of traffic with page engagement, and we follow up with retargeting ads and sales calls selectively.

The route with a slight detour:

Direct Ads -> Gamification App Landing Page -> Engaged Traffic -> Remarketing -> Leads -> Sales Call to Qualified Lead (Based on In-App Analytics) -> Acquisitions

Our Execution Strategy


Truly Data-Driven Search Ad Management

Following the insights and data collected across search platforms including Google and Bing, we take decisions regarding distribution of budget into different keyword clusters, match types, device and creative LOCs and then dynamically rotate the ads to counter Ad Fatigue.

We customise algorithms personalised to your account funnel benchmarks and automate optimization to ensure continued performance and minimized ad waste.

Our proprietary ad-tech tool Adbytzz plays an instumental role in scaling our client delivery efforts when it comes mass scale ad uploading.


Campaign optimisation leveraging remarketing

Scaling up & scaling down the campaigns is based on their performance. Higher the scale, more frequently it needs to be monitored & optimised. We use our proprietary tool Easyinsights to monitor real-time to avoid wastage.

We shall focus on increasing your quality traffic and retargeting them as per their buying intent. Essentially, we would go with the following two routes:
● Direct Ads -> Landing page -> conversions
● Direct Ads -> Landing page engagement (with no conversions in a particular time frame) -> Retargeting Ads ->conversions


Custom Attribution

We figure out how different attribution models impact the valuation of your marketing channels and thereafter, campaigns, keywords and ads. For e.g., a channel that predominantly initiates conversion paths will have a higher Conversion Value according to the First Interaction attribution model than it would according to the Last Interaction attribution model.


Advanced Reporting and Insights

Easyinsights, our analytics tool, collects your data across all your platforms and showcases them at a single place enabling a user to make informed decisions based on comparative results. It gives in-depth analytics and answers to questions that otherwise seem too abstract to be answered, using strong mathematical correlations and inbuilt algorithms. We also build insights on the data collected for improved performance and better optimisation.

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Case Studies

Cred – Success Story

Using Grid modeling for increasing quality install numbers to deliver 200X scale for CRED’s performance marketing campaigns.

John Jacobs – Success Story

A completely full-funnel performance marketing strategy helped us in scaling Revenue up to 3X with 25% reduction in CAC.

Licious – Success Story

Licious closed the gap with offline conversions and reduced Customer Acquisition Cost by 45% on Google UAC.

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Using ET Media Labs’ their tools and technologies we were able to scale up the performance of our paid channels by 240%, in a cost-effective manner.

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