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Our Clients


Our Clients

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True ROI your ads are actually giving?

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How our Product Works

Interconnect AdWords, Google Analytics and CRM

Easy Insights collects your data across all your platforms and showcases them at a single place enabling a user to make informed decisions based on comparative results. It gives in-depth analytics and answers to questions that otherwise seem too abstract to be answered, using strong mathematical correlations and inbuilt algorithms.

Custom Attribution Modelling

Track the entire user journey from impression to its final conversion using user-level data in first-click, last-click, any-click or any other custom attribution model. Superior Analytics on Conversion track, identifying the common pattern that the audience follows.

Custom KPIs

Page view counts are popular because they are easy to report, but ultimately cannot tell you how engaged your visitors are. Easyinsights lets you measure the entire funnel to define and monitor custom KPIs and their alerts. Based on these KPIs Easyinsights manages creative and audience rotation.

Optimise the KPIs in real-time

Easyinsights funnel lets you graphically see how your entire marketing efforts are drilling down into your end objective. It lets you identify benchmarks that require optimization.

Suppose you are an e-commerce company, with Easyinsights, you can break the user journey into steps such as – total users, unbounced users, cart ads, transactions and optimize cost per add-to-cart, and drive app-installs.

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Case Studies

Edureka – Success Story

A foolproof, revamped Keyword Structure in conjunction with the right attribution mix was implemented to scale up sales.

Goodearth – Success Story

First-click Attribution Modelling played a major role in acquisition campaigns as AOV of Goodearth’s products is on the steep side.

NIIT Nguru- B2B Lead Generation Case Study

Helped improve the quality of online generated leads by 67%

Don’t take our word for it

niit testimonial

“With them, ET Media Labs we’ve learned a lot about how people use our site and what stops them from trying our product.”

urbanclap testimonial

“If you’re serious about getting the best results, then they are the number-one choice undoubtedly.”

edureka testimonial

Using ET Media Labs’ their tools and technologies we were able to scale up the performance of our paid channels by 240%, in a cost-effective manner.

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