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Adbytzz Features

Drive installs that convert

Build an active user base with app install campaigns optimized for post-install engagement

Reach your Target Audience

Adbytzz creates profiles of your most active users and targets lookalike audiences across the mobile ecosystem

Creative that clicks

App install creative goes through rapid A/B testing to deliver industry best install-to-action conversion rates

No more buying on CPI

After a short testing period, Adbytzz will move you from a CPI to CPA pricing model

Mobile Acquisition

CPA based Install

Build an engaged mobile user base with app install campaigns optimized for post-install engagement.

Drive quality installs

Imagine if every paid install you acquired actively engaged with your app. With CPA-optimized app install ads, Adbytzz makes this dream a reality.

Optimized for post install engagement

Unlike traditional app marketing platforms, Adbytzz uses lookalike targeting to identify users with a strong likelihood to engage in high value events inside your app.

Target lookalike audiences

Target people that look like your most engaged users. Powered by a large database of mobile profiles, Adbytzz builds lookalike audiences by identifying the demographics and interests of your most active users, then targeting these individuals across the app ecosystem.

Lookalike targeting works well for apps with an existing user base as well as newly launched apps.

Spend efficiently with real-time bidding

Take advantage of the precision of real-time bidding across the major RTB exchanges and mobile ad networks.

Adbytzz is integrated with all major mobile ad networks and real-time bidding exchanges (RTB), enabling us to place bids on individual ad impressions. Combined with our optimization engine, your ad spend goes only towards mobile users with a high likelihood to engage.


Keep your mobile users engaged with retargeting ads.

Similar to app install ads, retargeting ads are CPA-optimized and appear inside of apps. But instead of driving new installs, retargeting ads are shown to mobile users who already installed your app.

Mobile retargeting ads work best to keep your app top of mind and drive additional post-install conversions.

Upload Your Campaigns, Hit Go, Now Sit Back & Relax!

Adbytzz eliminates the need to feed in Rules altogether.

The product’s built in intelligence will do the rest and the entire media buying management can be effectively managed by a creative team. Thus, doing away with the erstwhile necessity of a person skilled in Analytics.

Our automated and intelligent media buying for app installs fuses data science and a self-learning mechanism to create a knowledge base that self-learns and simplifies the arduous process of media buying for app installs, which is quantatively and qualitatively optimized. Thereby saving both cost as well as manpower.

All you need to do us upload the campaign and you are good to go!

Direct access to Facebook API

Managing app install campaigns across hundreds of channels, and ensuring best possible ROI on media spend is very difficult. Especially if the ad spends are high.

We have direct access to Facebook and Google API, which enables us to automate media buying with intelligent and intuitive algorithms to increase your ROI by at least 40%.

Automated Optimization

Adbytzz intelligently performs Automatic and Qualitative Optimization of Ads based on Quality and CLV. It effectively and automatedly reshuffles budgets in between campaigns, source, medium, channels and funnels to get best quality installs.

It also performs Personalization through Grid Modeling ie Creative Mapping to the right audience of uploaded creatives and thus effectively tracks results and evaluates the efficacy of a campaign owing to it’s built in machine learning.

App Analytics

Adbytzz lets you measure the full value of your app across all key stages, from first discovery and download to in-app conversions. See what keeps your users engaged and learn how you can make them happier – and your app more successful!

It lets you build an efficient mobile marketing strategy and discover which parts of your app people are using, and which parts are lying dormant. Analytic tracking has the ability to show the different screens and paths users take when navigating throughout your app. Thus, it enables marketers to understand which parts of their app lead to conversions and how often, thereby helping them make informed decisions.


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