A kickstarter to your ideas and campaigns with great analytics underneath

Entrepreneurs are not made through great ideas but through great execution strategies. And one of the biggest reasons behind the failure of most startups is the inability to attract traction.

With Launchpad, we aim to change just that and bring to you the right amount of traction with the right target crowd in a lightning fast manner. Launchpad helps you to build the world class digital presence of your upcoming ventures and ideas.

Coupled with innovative viral launch campaigns and backend analytics tools, Launchpad is your own kickstarter!

What makes Launchpad an awesome KickStarter

Showcase your product today

Start growing your customer list today. Choose one of our great looking templates, add a splash of copy, and publish it to your own domain.

Test your ideas and marketing copy

Don’t build something you can’t market. Save time, money, and effort by proving there is a market for your ideas.

Engage customers with built in email marketing

Setup automatic response emails. Give away digital downloads as bribes. Automatically reward people for sharing your idea.

Know your audience

What if you knew your audience was 86% male, between 24 and 34 years of age, and generally active on Facebook? Would that help you optimize your message and make the most of your advertising budget? Of course it would.

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Launchpad Features

Landing Pages

Build high converting pages faster with beautiful templates, & simple design tools.

Lightening Fast

Launch your idea or venture within no time and start generating buzz

Viral Boost Referrals

Get 35% more leads for any campaign with our unique viral boost system.

A/B Split Testing

Optimize your campaign conversion rate by running smarter A/B tests!

Lead Demographic Data

Go beyond conversion rate and learn more about your leads with in-depth demographic data.

Email Replies & Content Delivery

We can deliver digital content or just say thank you, automatically without using another tool.

Real Time Analytics

Access to your most important metrics at a glance. Discover data that Google Analytics can’t.

Our Sample works

Here is just a few of our happy clients who have benefitted with Launchpad.
They decided to launch their ideas in the lightening fast manner using our tool

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Celkon Mobiles

Portfolio 13


Before you jump right in and start selling your new product, business, service and more, you need to start generating a buzz within your niche market. If you can build excitement with your key customer influencers - you’re well on your way to success.

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