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We are India’s leading agency for

Growth Advertising & Analytics

We want to revolutionize the marketing world with smart data.

ET Medialabs was founded on the belief that data can radically improve how brands and customers connect, understand and interact with each other. Our goals is to power the next generation of marketers with a clear understanding of how they are contributing to their companies success by delivering the big picture of the marketing to their fingertips.

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What makes

us Unique?

Our Experience

Our clients including UrbanClap, Edureka, Ketto, Cuemath, Jaypore have had us deliver results specific to their needs. We begin with a complete account audit for our clients suggesting and providing methodologies to follow in order to skyrocket results at benchmarked ROI. We’ve achieved a substantial increase in user to sales conversion rates for them within few months of duration on an average.

Man + Machine

We believe in a better, more valuable and less evasive way of marketing. We have IIT & Tier I Engineering college Alumni driving “Clients Digital Strategy Teams”. Upon on-boarding, after the crucial account audit, we identify the gaps & opportunities and prescribe experiments suitable for business growth. Through APIs, we fetch data from multiple marketing platforms and create custom dashboards for real time monitoring and automate CXO level e-mail reports to strengthen the decision making.

 Speed of Execution

When it comes to managing thousands of campaigns with enormous amounts of data for our clients, we replaced the repetitive strenous works with our in-house tools to automate the various steps and procedures for us, namely Adbytzz and EasyInsights.ai. The products are specifically designed to fulfill all the aspects of digital advertising including auto keyword generation system with exhaustive structuring, custom ad automation, advanced alerts competitor bidding, drop in conversion rates and SQR analysis.

Our Ethics

Our true profit lies in client contentment, our measure of growth is the client testimonials that we receive. The ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ motto followed at our work space is what you’ll find unique as well as delivering when you partner with us.

Our Solution

The time had come to free marketing departments from the shackles of having data bound to hundreds of spreadsheets and reports. It was our belief that modern marketers need to understand and manage the data acquisition and harmonisation processes, apply client-specific logics before thinking about visualisation, calculation, interpretation and presentation.

The birth of ET Medialabs was realised when its three founders – Alexander Igelsböck, Martin Brunthaler and Andreas Glänzer – set out to fill this technological gap with their vision to revolutionise data-driven marketing. Only a few years later, the company has grown exponentially and now boasts dozens of happy clients. And their vision of an automated platform, which unifies all your marketing data and built specifically with marketers and agencies in mind, continues to prove its worth.

Be Part of

Our Journey

We believe in your potential. As a fast-growing, diverse team we’re always on the lookout for passionate people who want to contribute to our growth and success.

Our Leadership

We’re different in that most of us have managed in-house web marketing teams. This means we understand the practical (and sometimes political) issues with developing acquisition and retention strategies. We don’t come to you with theories but with solid pragmatic experience of managing and growing web businesses.

Raghav Kansal

An IIT alumnus, who has consulted 50+ businesses across diverse sectors. Enough Done than Said.

Amitek Sinha
Director, Digital

A Master in Lead Acquisitions with 6+ years of experience in realm of Online Marketing.

Untitled 1 1
Lalit Panigrahi
Head, Business Development

Loves connecting with people on/off work. Brings with him years of experience in Performance Marketing.

Rajeev Garg

Developed and launched scores of enterprise level marketing applications for various clients. 

namanfinal 01
Naman Jain
Lead, Digital Strategy

Mostly fun, partly serious. Delivers exceptional results with years of experience as a Brand Strategist.

xsczcccv 01
Nitin Aggarwal
Lead, Digital Analytics

Explorer of human stories via numbers, expertise in analysing & visualizing billions of data points.

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