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We focus primarily on the clients’ sales, maximising LTV:CAC. We don’t waste time optimising for metrics like Cost per click, bounce rate or click-throughs—unless there’s evidence that they are strongly linked to the business’ profitability.

Slurrp Farm – Success Story

Getting it ROIght Scaling up, reducing costs, and driving growth for Slurrp Farm

Urban Company – Success Story

2X Scale In a Quarter While Keeping CAC Under Guardrail Across Several Categories

Kapiva – Success Story

Driving Full Funnel Awareness For Kapiva’s Newly Launched Skin Foods Glow Mix.

In India, 75% of PPC budgets are being wasted on wrong targeting still today

Proprietary technology that fuels our solutions



Flex your sales and marketing muscle by monitoring your entire acquisition and retention funnel using our monitoring product Easyinsights. It is built over Google, Facebook and CRM APIs. It interconnects all your data, normalises it into a central data warehouse and then uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to churn out useful actionable insights.

  • Get access to 50+ integrated reports on campaign ROI, sales report, user funnel report etc
  • Track user behavior from impression to its final conversion user-level data in first-click, last-click, any-click or any other custom attribution model
  • It comes with scheduling of custom alerts and email reports
Adbytzz- Automated Performance Ads ET Medialabs


To substantially increase ROI, automated media buying is done using Intelligent algorithms.

  • In no time, create thousands of keywords in the appropriate structure using machine learning, including qualitative inputs
  • To improve quality scores, personalise ads quite exhaustively
  • Create custom ad automation required to maintain the ROI of campaigns in the desired range and direction

Read how we reduced Urban Company’s cost per app install by 22% via high-end persona research and ad automation using our proprietary tool Adbytzz

We are data scientists, digital strategists, & consultants

The leadership consists of seasoned professionals from IITs and IIMs with 10+ years of experience. They have a unique set of skills knit together by a client-focused approach and high business acumen, sharpened by years of experience in driving growth.

Raghav Kansal
Founder & CEO

10 Years of Experience in Digital Marketing & Analytics. IIT Alumnus. Enough Done than Said.

Amitek Sinha

A Master in Digital Acquisitions with 9+ years of experience in realm of Online Marketing.

Satish Sharma

Master of Organic Growth Hacking Strategies driven by CRO, SEO, ASO, Data Analytics & Thought

Malay Goel

Mathematics, coding & design. IIT Alumnus. Developed and launched scores of enterprise level marketing applications

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Lalit Panigrahi
VP, Digital Strategy & Analytics

An IIT Alumnus. Loves connecting with people on/off work. Years of experience in Performance Marketing.

Manu Gupta
AVP, Digital Strategy & Analytics

An IIT-IIM alumnus, fuelled by conceptual thinking & solutions, driven by strategy & logic.

UrbanCompany & Edureka, today’s fast-growing brands, have driven breakout growth by leveraging the utilities of ever-advancing technologies in Marketing and Analytics. Let us help you.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

kapiva testimonial

“The team at ET Medialabs was a delight to work with. Their data-led approach, top-notch standardized reporting, and sharp analysis made the launch of Kapiva’s Skin Foods a success. With them, we were also able to build strong awareness for the brand.”


“Their sharp data-led approach and intrinsic understanding of performance marketing channels has helped us in acquiring quality customers and scaling up our marketing efforts.”

urbancompany testimonial

“If you’re serious about getting the best results, then they are the number-one choice undoubtedly.”

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