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Unlock the potential of

WhatsApp Business

With Click to WhatsApp ads (CTWA)

  • Generate Leads
  • Drive Sales
  • Build Loyalty

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    Generate Leads

    • Address consumers seeking further information about your offerings
    • Enhance the quality of customer interactions by sharing images, PDFs, or location details
    • Encourage the collection of consent for receiving notifications
    house of painting
    house of painting

    Drive Sales

    • Provide individualized transaction possibilities for sales requiring personalized attention and careful consideration.
    • Utilize interactive buttons to assist customers in making choices between various options.
    • Facilitate custom-tailored shopping journeys through multi-product messages and dedicated product showcase pages.
    • Share links to products or guide users to their carts to finalize their purchases.

    Build Loyalty

    • Augment post-click interaction rates by incorporating multimedia content, interactive elements, and individualized suggestions through multi-product messaging.
    • Boost your marketing strategies using advertisements featuring distinctive promotions and innovative brand initiatives.
    house of painting

    ETML’s guide to excel with Click To WhatsApp Ads

      Features of CTWA with ETML

      End to End Implementation:

      End-to-end incorporation of WhatsApp chatbot for tailored consumer journeys with seamless conversations & easy checkout

      Domain Expertise:

      With our expertise in managing million $ Meta campaigns, we are the leading agency in handling CTWA campaigns in India

      Data Driven Success:

      Analyze, optimize and succeed with CTWA for reliable ads that provide deep level insights on consumers & buying journey

      Meta's Click to WhatsApp Ads (CTWA) brought a completely new and untapped high intent audience comfortable interacting on WhatsApp with us and thus, resulting in a 30% improvement in Conversion rate at a much lower acquisition cost. With correct optimisation signals and creatives, these campaigns helped us to scale at a much faster rate when clubbed with WhatsApp Business bot implementation.

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      Home Painting Brand

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