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1-Hour Session

#1 Ad Strategy Session

Get Data-Driven Insights On Your Ad Spends | 100% Personalised for you



Maximize ROI + Crack More Sales = Happier you!

We draw learnings from our Experience of managing 100s of crores of ad spends for leading brands like UrbanCompany, Licious, Berger, Forest Essentials, Lenskart, Mamaearth, Grofers, and many more to help brands identify gaps & opportunities in their current advertising strategy & execution.

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“We were looking back over the past year, and looking for the single event that changed the course of our paid efforts. Without question it was the day we took this ad strategy session.”



“We were looking back over the past year, and looking for the single event that changed the course of our paid efforts. Without question it was the day we took this ad strategy session.”


Who is this for?

If you’re spending more than ₹25,00,000 a month in online advertising (on Google, Facebook, and other platforms) to promote your products or services, you have stumbled on the right website. At ET Medialabs, we are handing out a Free Advertising Strategy Session (for a limited time) allowing digital businesses just like yours to see how you compare to other advertisers with similar spends.

Why should you take this session?

We are going to conduct a thorough audit of your account(s), including but not limited to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics (GA), and then present you with the ad strategy putting you on top of your paid efforts. This session is going to give you answers to questions that otherwise seem too abstract to be answered, using an in-depth data-driven approach. Some of those unanswered questions that you may stumble across are below:

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What is my business scale-up opportunity in the next three months?

No gut-driven prescriptions. No unrealistic projections. We analyse your past marketing data and tell you the growth potential of your campaigns. We dive deep into your campaigns’ performance and help you identify the relevant audiences to scale your transactions through online spends. Find out how fast and how much you can scale from here?

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Eliminate Wasted Ad Spend

Are you unaware of the leakage of ad spend in the “low ROI” buckets? Request for our online ad strategy session where we process, filter, and classify the keywords and audiences as per their scale and ROI, and report your ad wastage in the last 6 months. Not just that, we will share the necessary measures on how to minimize your ad wastage.

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Review Mobile vs Desktop

Mobile traffic has been steadily increasing for years. Are you aware that device performance for many verticals is strikingly different? For certain businesses, Desktop ads show better conversion rates and hence, higher ROI than Mobile and vice-versa for prospecting rates. Have you been optimising device targeting based on the type of users? If not, ask us for an audit.

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Why are my campaign-wise users and sales on CRM, GA and Facebook Panel so different? Which is that single source of truth?

Marketing Data is messy and it is a painful truth. Data is scattered in silos and they follow different attribution models because of which your campaigns and ad sets get attributed with different numbers of sales and revenue. Hence, you should be integrating all the data from the most accurate source to optimise your campaigns. Learn how..

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My month-on-month sales are not growing consistently? What are the levers to minimize fluctuations?

Your month-on-month website sales performance is affected by at least 5 factors such as audience, products’ USP, seasonality, inventory size, and website issues. Are you taking in all those factors while executing the campaigns? If you’re not able to find their impact on your performance, allow us to look into your data and find it out for you.

The answers to the above are basically hidden in your data. And since it’s most likely that we have grown a company just like yours already, we can answer all these questions with full confidence.

How our tool plays a role here?

You need to be in touch with your data constantly to take crucial decisions to spur your ROI. But your data is floating around in millions of spreadsheets, which impedes reporting & monitoring. Sometimes mining this data can be an arduous task resulting in vain attempts to make any sense out of it. To overcome this problem, we invented a technology product,Adbytzz

We have a 10 feet long Audit Checklist powered by “Adbytzz”. It is the best way to dig into your accounts and discover specific areas that need improvement in terms of growth KPIs – ROI and Volume of Sales. Our Audit offers an overall grade as well as individual scores in 100+ focus areas.

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Adbytzz helps you interconnect with all your data
from Google Ads to Web Analytics to Facebook.

Did you know our Robot checks your Facebook Ads account in 50+ areas?

Many of our partner brands started with insights cards from our ad strategy session.

    Ready to see how our Performance Ad strategies can help you grow at record speed?

    Request a personalised ad strategy session today!

      Wanting to Know More?

      A few caselets on how our products-driven advertising solution has helped our clients achieve growth

      Urban Company
      Eicher Goodearth
      NIIT Nguru

      Urban Company

      We managed to reduce the cost per app install by 22% via high-end persona research and ad automation using our tool – Adbytzz


      Used First-click Attribution Modelling in optimising acquisition campaigns the right way as AOV of products is on the steep side.


      A foolproof, revamped Keyword Structure in conjunction with the right attribution mix was implemented to scale up sales. Using our in-house technologies, Edureka was able to scale up spends to 200% and lift sales to 240% on Search Network within 3 months.

      NIIT Nguru

      Using “EasyInsights”- ET Medialabs’ flagship tool, the K12 learning provider was able to improve the quality of online generated leads by 67% .

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why are we the best people to help grow your business digitally via this session?

      • Google Premier Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner (only 3 homegrown firms have both).
      • Proprietary Tools for Ad and Analytics Automation.
      • Experience in managing 150+ Digital-First Brands.
      • Spearheaded by IIT/IIM Alumnus.
      • It’s a customised ad strategy session based on your current data

      How much effort do you need to put in for this?

      • 5-10 min call to help understand where you are currently in your digital journey?
      • Read-only access to your Fb/ Google Ads and Analytics Account

      What can you expect from us?

      • Gap-and-Opportunity Analyses
      • Current health status of Fb/Google Ads/Google Analytics
      • Ways to save on Ad wastage
      • Big Levers for better optimisation opportunities
      • Strategic Recommendations

      What do we specialize in?

      • Customer Acquisition and Retention Ad campaigns for E-commerce, Lead Generation, and Mobile Apps
      • Custom Analytics and Reporting Framework
      • End-to-End stitched data for full-funnel visibility