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ZO Rooms


The hotel aggregator used “Adbytzz”- ET Medialabs’ flagship tool to drive both App Installs and increase Bookings via the App

ZoRooms’s marketing approach was becoming increasingly mobile-centric. It wanted to reach the right people, increase mobile app installs by 4X and drive more revenue from app users while reducing the cost per install by 10%. They also wanted to build brand awareness in the industry.

ZoRooms split its campaign into 2 phases and partnered with ET Medialabs to execute a sophisticated targeting strategy.

  • Lower CPI
  • Drive Quality Installs
  • Create brand awareness among travelers.
  • Build audience segments in Adbytzz and conduct direct ads on FB and Search to drive installs.
  • Through contest activation channel, bring installs and remind them using RLSA in Google AdWords
  • 22% reduction in cost per Install
  • 5X bump in app installs
  • 80% increase in return on Ad spends

We help businesses worldwide, so get in touch!

We help businesses worldwide, so get in touch!

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